Athens 2010

New Year Resolutions for a Risk Manager

  • Work with a TPA where I am a Big Fish and not just another customer. Find a strategic partner!
  • Get an experienced examiner, one that always answers the phone and delivers results!

  • Attack claims versus just Handle claims – Develop a formal action plan for my program!
  • Reduce open claim inventory!
  • Reduce my total cost of claims – and control my reserves!

Athens Administrators can help you achieve your goals. We specialize in providing customized risk management solutions that deliver exceptional results. (

Claim Performance Statistics

  • 72% of indemnity claims are closed within twelve months of occurrence
  • 36% lower average cost of claims versus the WCIRB published data
  • 2008 companywide closing ratio = 141%

These results are possible because of our professional, high quality staff. Our work environment has been specifically developed to attract and retain the very best staff. We have found that reasonable caseloads, assistant support and effective utilization of technology have been the keys to our success.


  • Employee Retention (2004-2009) – 98% for Senior Examiners
  • Examiner to Assistant Ratio = 3 Assistants for every 4 Examiners
  • Average Companywide Senior Examiner Caseload = 143 Open Indemnity Claims
  • Senior Claims Examiners = Average of 16 years workers’ compensation experience.
  • Claims Assistants have an average of 5 years workers’ compensation experience.
  • In 2009 Athens was voted one of the “Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area”. That makes four out of the past five years.

ATHENS ADMINISTRATORS can help you with all of your Workers’ Compensation and Liability Claim Administration needs.