Why Athens?

Athens Administrators offers clients an alternative approach to workers’ compensation. Through our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program, we offer claims resolution outside the traditional California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB). The ADR program offers clients the ability to save both time and money in their injury resolution program, with the ultimate goal of providing an expedited claims resolution process.

Athens Administrators has a long history of assisting in the negotiation process of ADR programs. From customized injury resolution programs to strategic return-to-work programs, Athens works with clients to manage the overall costs of their workers’ compensation program.

Our experienced consultants are adept at creating programs and making recommendations specific to your business needs, including programs built from the ground up.

Our Approach

ADR provides employers with the flexibility to manage their overall costs of their workers’ compensation program through a pre-negotiated agreement with a union. This agreement will have customized procedures for resolving disputes that vary from selecting a treating physician to settling claims with the injured worker.

  • Expedited return to work program
  • Significant decrease in litigated claims
  • Increase in employee moral
  • Higher closure rate for claims
  • Financial savings

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