127,000 Healthcare Professionals

15,200 Doctors & Physicians

31,000 Hospital Beds Nationwide

Why Athens?

Athens Administrators offers healthcare organizations an industry leading claims administration partner that is uniquely suited to address the specific challenges of claims administration within the healthcare industry.

Unique Exposures:

  • Slip & Falls
  • Patient Lifting
  • Patient Handling
  • Latex Allergies
  • MRSA
  • Needle Sticks


• TB
• Blood Born Pathogens • Pertussis
• Psycho-Social

Treatment Utilization Patterns

Employer Provided Healthcare Expertise

Determination of First Aid versus Reportable

What to Expect

Our highly experienced staff of Healthcare Claims Professionals are committed to providing clients with high-level loss analysis which helps to deliver overall improved program results. Our customized claims programs and best practices are designed to satisfy our clients’ objectives.

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