Launch of Online AthensFocus Dashboard System

On Monday, January 27, 2014 Athens Administrators will formally re-launch AthensFocus, our online dashboard system for all workers’ compensation claim administration clients.  We are excited to reintroduce this critical piece of our service offering.  We are confident that AthensFocus will positively impact your Athens Administrators’ experience.

What is AthensFocus?

AthensFocus is Athens Administrators proprietary online risk management dashboard system.  The dashboard’s provide a broad based visual overview of the performance of your workers’ compensation program.  They deliver real time information with a specific focus on claim inventory, claim volume, financials and safety.  The immediate information that is provided by AthensFocus will help to enable superior risk management decisions.

We will be publishing a standard set of comprehensive dashboards.  Ultimately, if you desire custom dashboards that focus on a more specific aspect of your program Athens can also accommodate this request.  Additional, programming charges will apply.

How You Can Access AthensFocus

You can immediately access AthensFocus by logging on to SIMS using your regular credentials.  Once you have SIMS running, please navigate your mouse to the Help section located in the top menu bar, from there click on Client Dashboards and then you will be able to navigate the system.

What is Next?

Online, self-serve report generation, interactive dashboards and liability dashboards

Over the past year Athens Administrators has been extremely active with technology initiatives.  These efforts have come together and we have several new releases that will be available shortly.  The next offering will be online access to self serve reports.  This is literally right around the corner; another announcement regarding self-serve reports will be released shortly.  Beyond AthensFocus and self-serve reports we will also be releasing an update to AthensFoucs which will provide an interactive drill-down dashboard experience. Finally, we will also be rolling out a set of dashboard’s for our non-workers’ compensation claim administration clients.  This is an exciting time for technology at Athens.  We hope that you enjoy these offerings and look forward to your feedback.

Questions or Comments About AthensFocus?

If you have AthensFocus related questions or issues please contact our information technology team directly with your questions by emailing:  Your issues will be promptly addressed.