California Public Agency Self-Insured




While our client was relatively satisfied with their existing third-party claim administrator (TPA), they decided it would be wise to see if there was room for improvement. Following a lengthy exploration process, they ultimately chose to move their 300+ open indemnity claim program to Athens Administrators.


Our first step was to implement a detailed plan for transitioning from the previous TPA to Athens. We clearly defined expectations, which in turn delineated accountability. Once the plan was in place, we proceeded to staff the account—using recommendations from our clients as to who they wanted on their account. With the team in place, we then defined the specific claim-handling guidelines for the program.


Our dedicated team has been successful in driving down open indemnity inventory by over 30%. The significant reduction has allowed the client to reduce the level of Athens staff assigned to the account, resulting in significant savings on their annual administration costs. Two and a half years later, there has been no staff turnover on the program.