Athens Is Recognized as a Top Workplace in Orange County – Three Years in a Row!

Orange, CA — Athens Administrators is excited to announce that for the third consecutive year our Orange, CA office location has been named one of the Top Workplaces in Orange County by the Orange County Register. In 2016 we achieved our best ranking to date. Overall, Athens ranked 10th out of 70 companies in our category. This is outstanding and we are proud of this achievement.

About the Survey
The Orange County Register invited 1,338 companies to participate in the program. Ultimately, 181 companies participated and 125 qualified as Top Workplaces. In order for a company to participate it is required to allow all of its employees to complete an anonymous online survey which is designed to assess an organization’s overall health. The questions focus on key areas such as compensation, corporate ethics, employee satisfaction, organizational leadership and work/life balance. This Top Workplace distinction is a competitive process which is open to companies from all industries, including; insurance, healthcare, information technology, and financial services.

Why This Is Important
The Orange County Register notes “We have found that Top Workplaces have the working environment that allows them to outperform peers.” For many years Athens has believed in this concept. We have worked hard to develop a culture that stands out in a positive way from the rest of our industry. We have a firm belief that happy, secure and satisfied employees perform much higher than those that are not. This is a simple common sense approach to running our business. Over the years this philosophy has been affirmed though excellent client and state audit results as well as consistently high annual client satisfaction rates.

Athens always strives to improve. Our objective is to be widely recognized as the home of the brightest, highest performing and most satisfied claims handling and managed care professionals in the industry.