ATHENS eBULLETIN | December 18, 2019
As we begin to deck the halls both at home and at the office we want to remind you to stay safe this holiday season. According to the National Fire Protection Association, one in every four home Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems. So take a minute to read these tips to mitigate risk this holiday season.

Artificial or fresh cut- You can minimize the risk of a Christmas tree fire by opting to purchase an artificial tree. Artificial trees are beautiful, reusable and fire resistant. And as an added bonus, you won’t have to clean up all the dropped pine needles! If you opt to purchase a traditional fresh cut tree, be sure to choose one with fresh, green needles that don’t fall off when touched.

Positioning the tree- When determining where to place you tree, be sure the tree is at least three feet away from any heat source like as fire places and radiators. Try to position the tree close to an outlet so you don’t have extension cords running long distances, potentially causing a tripping hazard.

Watering the tree- With all the chaos of the holidays it’s easy to forget to water your tree. But a dry Christmas tree is a serious fire hazard. Be sure to keep an eye on the amount of water you have. You’d be surprised how much water a tree can absorb, so be sure to make watering a part of your daily routine.

Lighting the tree- There is nothing better than lights on your tree, but these little lights can also be a fire hazard if they aren’t inspected prior to decorating. Be sure to check the lights and cords before using. You’re looking for cracks, frayed wires, damaged light sockets, or any signs of damage. All lights should have the label of a recognized testing laboratory like CSA or ULC. We also recommend purchasing a timer for your lights to ensure they’re turned off when not in use. Be sure when using lights to decorate you determine whether the lights are meant for indoor or outdoor use.

After Christmas- Once you’re ready to dispose of the tree be sure to check with your local recycling program. Many communities will have a designated day to dispose of your tree. Take the tree outside as dried out trees can be a fire hazard and be sure to bring all outdoor electrical lights inside.

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