We are pleased with the recent partnership between the San Diego County Schools, JPA and Athens Administrators.  It is Athens goal to make your transition as smooth and seamless as possible. For your convenience, we have tailored your website to have valuable information needed for claims reporting, obtaining information such as state mandated reporting requirements, forms and all the information you will need to communicate this transition to your employees.

On behalf of your Athens Claims Team we are committed to work together in providing you with all the tools and information you need to manage your workers’ compensation program.

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Athens Administrators

Report a Claim

Internet: Claim Compass
User Name: email address
Password: athens
Support: Gina Popejoy or Emily Kephart
Mail: P.O. Box 696, Concord, CA 94522

Medical Provider Network (MPN)

The San Diego County Schools, JPA Medical Provider Network (MPN) provides a group of healthcare providers to treat work-related  injuries and illnesses. Click below to access the MPN.

San Diego County School Risk Management – Joint Powers Authority – San Diego County Schools JPA MPN – MPN ID# 1401

JPA Employee Notice

These pamphlets contain important information about your medical care in case of a work-related injury or illness. The pamphlets are provided in English and Spanish.

JPA Employee Notice Material (English)

JPA Employee Notice Material (Spanish)

Continuity of Care Policy

Transfer of Care Policy

DWC Info

DWC Website for Injured Workers >>

DWC Information and Assistance Offices/Officers >>

DWC Website for MPN FAQs >>

Other MPN Information

MPN Contact

This person is responsible for responding to complaints, for answering employees’ questions about the Medical Provider Network and for assisting the employee in arranging for an MPN independent medical review pursuant to Labor Code section 4616.4

Contact:  Felicia Amenta
Phone:  (800) 560-5060
Fax  (858) 279-6236
Email:  famenta@sdcoe.net
Mail:  6401 Linda Vista Road
 San Diego, CA 92111

Medical Access Assistant (MAA)

One or more persons will be available, at a minimum, from Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm, Pacific Time, to provide employee assistance with access to medical care under the MPN.  The employee assistance shall be available in English and Spanish. The assistance shall include but not be limited to contacting provider offices during regular business hours and scheduling medical appointments for covered employees. MPN medical access assistants have different duties than claims adjusters.  MPN medical access assistants work in coordination with the MPN Contact and the claims adjuster(s) to ensure timely and appropriate medical treatment is provided to the injured worker.

Contact:  Medical Access Assistant
Phone:  (844) 752-1141
Fax  (855) 279-2512
Email:  SDJPAMAA@anthemwc.com



Form for Injured Workers filing a workers’ compensation claim with your employer.

Form 5020:

Employers use this form to report occupational injury or illness.


Pre-designation of personal physician form.

Medical Service Order:

JPA WC Handbook:

Claims Team

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