Why Athens?

Athens Administrators is a third-party claims administrator specializing in the administration of Texas work injury programs for Texas nonsubscribers. With over 20 years experience, our team of adjusters will design a customized claims administration program and work with nonsubscribers to minimize risk and position clients for improved growth and efficiency.

  • Athens has continuously handled one of the largest Texas nonsubscription programs for the last decade.
  • In working with a large variety of clients, Athens has developed a deep understanding of the nuances of a nonsubscriber program. We know how to effectively manage and how to deliver customer satisfaction and positive bottom line financials.
  • Familiarity with a variety of industries, both boutique and large corporations, including retail, professional services, agriculture and livestock.
  • Athens’ experienced nonsubscriber nurse case managers communicate effectively with physicians in order to coordinate and manage appropriate, quality and cost-effective health care.
  • Athens has a long history of experience dealing with approved providers and will assist you in key control measures that make your plan cost efficient throughout the state. Our staff are experts in litigation, mediation and arbitration.

Industry Specific Solutions

    • With over 20 years specializing in the Texas nonsubscription arena, Athens Administrators has the sensitivity and knowledge of the liability issues affecting Texas nonsubscribers.
    • Our knowledgeable staff of industry veterans remain up to date on the latest in legislative and Department of Labor changes as well as ERISA, HIPPA, and DOL by taking a proactive approach to continued education.
    • Flexibility on creating customized claims handling protocols that meet the needs of your non- subscription program.
    • Bilingual staff to meet the needs of Texas businesses.
    • 24/7 access to real time, user friendly claims management software.

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