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Athens Administrators ATHENSPredict
What if you could identify and reduce the 20% of  claims that make up 80% of your overall program cost? Image
Now you can, with ATHENSPredict.
Detect costly claims early Significantly reduce claim duration Reduce overall claim expense by 4-8%
Athens Administrators is proud to announce the launch of ATHENSPredict  Predictive Modeling for Worker's Compensation. For years many industries have utilized Predictive Modeling as a critical tool to improve business outcomes. ATHENSPredict brings this proven innovation to worker's compensation claims management, leveraging technology and information to immediately identify factors that can lead to negative claim development.
ATHENSPredict allows you to:
 Improve business results using objective statistical information to make better risk
management decisions.
 Proactively identify adverse claims and implement proactive management strategies.
 Optimize usage of medical management and investigative resources for every
reported claim
Call or email now to learn how you can realize substantial bottom-line
value through implementation of the ATHENSPredict program.
Image For more detailed information visit our ATHENSPredict links:ATHENSPredict Website, ATHENSPredict White Paper, ATHENSPredict Video
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