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About Athens Administrators

Athens Administrators is a TPA for workers’ compensation and liability claims. We have successfully administered claims for more than 30 years. Our clients include public agencies, regional businesses, insurance companies and Fortune 500 companies. We provide workers’ compensation and liability claim administration services.

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• Privately Owned
• 145+ Employees

2010 in Review… and What to Look for in 2011

The economy and high unemployment rates made 2010 a challenging year for the workers' compensation industry. While workplace injuries and illnesses were down, claim costs (especially medical benefits) were up. A variety of issues continue to impact the workers' compensation industry. However, reform was not high on the list this year. Only a handful of bills were successful in reaching the Governor’s desk.

A brief recap of some of the important industry-related events in 2010:

Legislative Bills Approved in 2010

AB 933 – Physicians who perform utilization review must be licensed
in California
AB 1696 – Continues payment of death benefits for children of certain public safety workers up to 19 years of age while still in high school
AB 2253 – Extends the current cancer presumption for certain public safety workers up to 10 years

Industry Newsworthy Events

Continued implementation of the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) 12-Point Plan
Ongoing dispute over Governor Schwarzenegger’s furlough program
that includes state employees working for the DWC
In an effort to reduce the backlog of cases at the WCAB, the DWC expanded the use of its Electronic Adjudication Management
System (EAMS)
Los Angeles WCAB held “Lien Fiestas” in an effort to reduce the backlog of medical liens
Debate over failure to amend the Permanent Disability Rating Schedule as required by 1/1/10
New Posting Notices went into effect 10/8/10
California Supreme Court declined to review the Almaraz/Guzman II decision. The WCIRB estimates this will increase claim costs by 5.8%
New Democratic governor elected – Jerry Brown

Benefit Rate Changes for 2011

Temporary Disability Weekly Rate – No change due to a decline in the State Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) of .5%. The maximum TD rate will remain at $986.69 per week
Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) – No change
Medical Mileage Reimbursement Rate – Increases $.50 per mile. New rate will be $.51 per mile
Pure Premium Rates – No change

What’s Ahead for 2011

Medicare Reporting begins 1/1/11
Watch out for a new round of reform legislation that may drive up costs
Expect changes and new dynamics in Sacramento with the arrival of the new governor