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Why Athens?

Return on Investment

Redefining the Value of an Effective Claims Administrator

The expenses associated with claim administration services typically pales in comparison to the total cost of claims for an organization. It is critical to choose an administrator that is as committed to effectively managing your program as you are.  If claims are mismanaged, even slightly, the additional costs will quickly outpace the total fees paid to a TPA.

Athens Administrators believes that when a business chooses us to administer their claims that they are making an investment in controlling their total claim costs. We are driven to make sure that our clients maximize their return on investment (ROI).

To achieve our “Maximum ROI” objective we have great staff, strategies and technologies in place that are specifically designed to attack programs and to deliver exceptional results. Success means that our clients have less cash and resources encumbered by their workers’ compensation program, and more cash and resources free to deploy towards their core business operations.

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