Online Self-Serve Reports: Your Format, Anytime and Anywhere

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Athens Administrators is excited to introduce online self-serve reports for both our workers’ compensation and liability claim administration clients. This is a critical piece of our service offering. We are confident that the ability to run reports on your own time, in your desired format, from anywhere will have a profoundly positive impact on your Athens service experience.

Self-Serve Reports

Athens has published a comprehensive set of standard online self-serve reports. These reports are currently available and have been designed to provide the most useful data. For your convenience, these reports can be exported to multiple formats, including MS Excel and PDF.

Accessing Online Self-Serve Reports

You can immediately begin running reports by logging onto SIMS using your regular credentials. Next, navigate your mouse to the “Help” section located in the top menu bar. Finally, click on “Client Reports”, and the list of available reports will appear. We have a fairly comprehensive list of Standard Reports that are available at this time. Additional reports are in development and will be available shortly.

Coming Soon: Interactive Drill-Down and Liability TPA Client Dashboards

Athens Administrators continues to be extremely active with technology initiatives. These efforts have resulted in a number of new releases over the past several weeks. The next offering will be online dashboards for our liability claim administration clients.

This is an exciting time at Athens. We hope that you enjoy these offerings and look forward to your feedback.

Questions or Comments?

If you have online report-related questions or issues, or any other Athens technology-related questions, please contact our information technology team directly by emailing: Your issues will be promptly addressed.