Stability and Security:
Maximizing Employee Retention for Success
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WORKING FOR A STABLE COMPANY and JOB SECURITY are two of the most important aspects of any company’s work environment. These two factors have a great impact on employee retention, a critical component in achieving long-term business success.

  Why it’s Important to Have a Stable Work Environment  
  While a stable work environment is a critical factor in determining employee retention and overall satisfaction, it also drives key organizational outcomes:  
  Superior Client Service
  Employee Productivity
  Pay it Forward Culture
  What Employers Can Do to Create a Stable Work Environment  
  There are several key components of the organizational experience that help create and maintain a stable work environment:  
  Communicate a Clear Vision + Sense of Purpose
  Express Gratitude + Appreciation
  Encourage Acquisition of New Skills
  Why Stability is Key to a Successful Risk Management Program  
  While employee stability is important to the overall health of an organization, examiner stability is just as important on a risk management program:  
Consistency on Claim Files
Legacy Knowledge of Program
Accountability for Caseload
Integrity and Trust
Relationship with Client/Partners
Identification of Potential Hazards
  An examiner who is familiar with your line of business, job hazards and your overall risk management philosophy may be able to effectively help you manage potential hazards on your program which would help mitigate future exposures. This provides stability and ensures everyone a safe workplace.  
  How Athens Creates High Employee Satisfaction and Stability  

With over 300 employees, Athens is proud to have a remarkable 90% retention rate and been awarded “Best Places to Work” kudos year after year. We continually focus on corporate growth by creating effective strategies and developing a strong organizational culture based on our vision of People, Powered.

Key values that create employee satisfaction, support stability and drive our amazing retention rate:
  Empowered + Transparent Leadership
  Employee Motivation
  Celebration of Our Differences
  Encouragement of New Ideas
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