Athens Receives Top Ranking for Two
California Offices in DWC Audit Report

The California Division of Worker’s Compensation recently published their annual TPA audit score results. These outcomes stemmed from audits which took place during 2015. During that year Athens had two offices audited: Concord and Sacramento. Both locations passed their audits and received outstanding scores.

Ultimately, our offices were ranked one after the other. We view our back to back rankings as a strong indicator of the consistently strong work product that is delivered throughout all locations of our company. DWC audits are thorough and rigorous. Receiving a positive result is critically important as it makes a strong statement to the industry about the quality of your organization.

Over the years Athens has achieved successful first round DWC audit scores 100% of the times that we have been audited. We are proud of this fact. For more information regarding the DWC audit and the complete list of all TPA ranking you can click on the following link.
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