Athens Introduces AthensPredict,
New Technology to Predict Riskiest Claims
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What if you could predict the outcome of a claim
with consistent accuracy?


Introducing AthensPredict, a new core service that is being offered at no cost to all of our clients. AthensPredict is a new and improved predictive modeling program which utilizes the most up-to-date technology. It is fully integrated into our claim process and is an essential component to our proprietary claim handling methodology.


AthensPredict BENEFITS:

No cost to you
Earlier detection of small segment of claims that ultimately drive 80% of cost
6-10% in estimated overall reduction in loss and expense
Estimated 50%+ increase in quality and more timely referrals to WC Special Investigation Unit
Significant reduction in claim duration
Faster return to work for claimants – decreased overall claim cycle times
Removes human bias that can lead to misdirected focus
Improved time management for staff – greater dedication of time and resources to claims that show greater severity propensity
Flexible model output, outstanding dashboards and reporting capabilities

Earlier Risk Detection
After extensive beta testing, AthensPredict proved to be able to consistently identify and segment claims with the greatest potential for severity – helping examiners take early action on claims that at the surface appeared to be inconspicuous.


Best-in-Class Technology
AthensPredict uses a highly sophisticated model that continuously improves and scores each claim every day by reading notes and processing words to analyze and essentially “understand” the context and sentiment in which they are being used.


As new information is being added, the model is constantly “thinking” by scoring and making connections between all the data. These advanced connections trigger movements in the score, which allow for greater focus and attention on those claims that represent the most risk. This model eliminates any bias that claim staff may have about any type of claim. The model only looks at data and numbers and comes to conclusions based on data relationships that have resulted in severity over time.


AthensPredict utilizes "machine learning," through which the model is constantly adapting and learning as it’s exposed to new data. Therefore, its ability to predict accurately evolves and expands over time with increased input. Utilizing data from traditional and non-traditional sources to predict claim outcomes in real-time. The data it analyzes includes claimant specific, external public databases, medical, policy history, employer and claim. This information is combined and converted into a Claim Severity Score (CSS), which is then used to explain the potential exposure of the claim and assist in ensuring that the right resources are assigned by our staff to the claim.

The model scores our claims every day, allowing us to understand when a claim moves from one severity category to another and to then take immediate action. The more information that we have on the claim, the more accurate the severity score becomes. AthensPredict also results in improved time management for staff – all things being equal they can dedicate greater time and resources to claims that show greater severity propensity.

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