September, 2013
Athens Announcement
Coming Fall 2013 —
New Claim

In recent years Athens Administrators has experienced significant growth and diversification. It has been a truly exciting time for our company. We realize that sustainable success can only be achieved if we continue to deliver world class service, results and overall client experience. To achieve this objective in today's business environment it is absolutely crucial to have a cutting edge system in place that fully supports our client and claim administration staff's requirements.

Approximately two years ago Athens began an extensive process of assessing commercially available claim administration systems. The objective was to find the optimal solution for our clients and Athens Administrators. We evaluated systems based on the following criteria: performance, innovation, claim handling efficiencies, strength of the liability and workers' compensation systems, report generation, quality management capabilities, business rules, client accessibility, internal and external client dashboards, paperless workflows, data security, claim intake and best overall value. At the conclusion of this process it was determined that the Systema Software Claim System ( was an ideal fit.

Why Systema?

Systema is a comprehensive browser-based solution that is feature-rich and highly flexible. As a client you will find the system interface to be outstanding. You will enjoy robust report generation capabilities. Reports are easily run from anywhere that internet access is available. Also, exporting reports to Excel or PDF formats is a simple task. On top of these features you will also have access to a comprehensive set of risk management dashboards. These will help you to keep the real time pulse on your program.

This system conversion is a significant investment into the future for Athens Administrators. We are enthusiastic about the direction of our company and feel that the Systema System will allow us to deliver unparalleled service and results to our clients for years to come.

Best Regards,

James R. Jenkins
Athens Administrators

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