Have You Checked Your Claim Administrator Lately?

An expert claim administrator will deliver significant value in controlling the cost of claims. The WCIRB’s most recent report indicates that the average cost of an indemnity claim in California is now an alarming $56,805.

Is your current TPA managing these dollars as effectively as possible on your behalf? If not, or if you are unsure, you are invited to contact Athens Administrators to let us show you what we can do for you.


The Challenge of Business Today:
Improve Bottom Line Results

In today’s grim economic environment, the challenge for businesses in all markets is immediate and direct: improve bottom line results. A broad range of organizational components are typically targeted in an effort to realize this goal: expense reduction, technology, operational efficiencies, marketing strategies, and the list goes on...

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Reducing Claims to Increase Available Cash

One often-overlooked strategy is the ability to control the total cost of workers compensation and liability claims. The dollars tied up by these claims can be staggering. Effective cost management requires consistent focus over an extended period of time. Sustained focus on claims can be challenging for an organization. This is when a great claim administrator partner is most valuable.

A great third party administrator (TPA) recognizes the importance of controlling claim costs, and has staff, strategies and technologies in place that will attack a program and deliver overall savings.

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Is Your Current TPA Committed to Your Success?

Athens Administrators is committed to effectively handling workers compensation and liability claims. Administration of these claims is why we exist. We are proud of our ability to deliver exceptional value to our clients through our expertise and commitment to their success.

Athens Administrators

Successful Claim Administration and Improved
Financial Performance

Simply put our success as a claim administrator results in greater levels of unrestricted cash for our clients, allowing them to deploy more funds to their core business operations. This is accomplished when we close claims quickly at significantly lower costs than the industry averages:

  • Claim Closures
    • Fewer open claims = less dollars tied up in reserves
    • Fewer open claims = lower claim administration fees
  • Quick Response and Continual Communication
    • Result’s in lower litigation rates and lower overall legal fees
    • Diminishes the life of the claim, by keeping them on track all along
  • Aggressive Overall Approach
    • Discourages fraudulent claim submissions
    • Leads to greater denial rates
  • Dedicated Claim Cost Reduction Philosophy
    • Conscious focus leads to innovative approaches that deliver results

Athens Administrators

About Athens

Athens Administrators has successfully administered claims for over thirty years. We have exceptional clients, including Fortune 500 companies, outstanding regional businesses, and many of the most recognizable public agencies in California. We are passionate about delivering exceptional service and superior results to our clients.

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