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Public Agency

“I would give Athens Administrators the highest rating possible when it comes to service.
They have always been very easy to reach and have always responded within a day’s time at the most. They will work with your claims person or persons to help you close all cases that can possibly be closed.”

School District

“Athens Administrators seamlessly implemented the transition from our former claims administrator to the new service program by providing professional staff who monitored the transfer of records and provided training on their reporting system. Athens Administrators was helpful and efficient and made the process easy.”


“I think the top three reasons to go with Athens would be:

  1. The stability of the workforce. This is a very experienced group of people and they
    don’t have very much turnover.
  2. Ease of direct access to everyone in the company.
  3. Responsiveness to the customer’s wishes. Athens has been very willing to adapt to our needs.