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Case Studies



California Public Agency Self Insured




When the entity decided to explore a change in their claims administration partner, they were relatively satisfied with their existing third party claim administrator (TPA). Upon review of alternatives, they realized that an opportunity to improve did exist. After a lengthy exploration process, they ultimately decided to move their 300+ open indemnity claim program to Athens Administrators.


Initially the client and Athens worked together to develop a detailed program transition plan from the previous TPA to Athens. The primary objective: to define expectations and to create accountability. Once the plan was created we proceeded to staffing for the account. In this instance, the client defined exactly the type of individuals that they wanted working on their account. Athens recruited several internal and external candidates for the client to interview and consider. Once this stage was complete, we defined the specific claim handling guidelines for the program.

Upon transfer of all claims to Athens, we reviewed each individual claim with a critical eye. A critical benefit of transitioning a program was realized – the client gained a fresh perspective on their existing claims. As a result, several claims were immediately closed. Since transition, Athens has continued to work very closely with the client, communicate regularly with their injured workers, medical providers and all involved parties.


The dedicated Athens team has been successful in driving down open indemnity inventory by over 30%. The transition from the prior TPA was smooth and seamless. The client directly participated in selecting the team that would be involved in managing their program. Two and a half years later, there has been zero staff turnover on the program. The reduction in open indemnity inventory has allowed the client to reduce the level of Athens staff assigned to the account, resulting in significant savings on their annual administration costs.

  • Seamless Transition
  • Handpicked Staff Assigned to Account
  • No Turnover in 2.5 Years Since Transition
  • Reduction of open indemnity inventory by >30%
  • Reduction in Claim Administration Fee as a result of diminished open inventory