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Athens Approach

AthensPredict: Why Use It?

Why AthensPredict? A Commitment to Industry Leadership
Driving Client Savings

The AthensPredict predictive model prospectively identifies adverse claims to enable proactive management strategies across all areas of a claim to drive better business results. It will help to earlier predict claims that have a greater severity potential.

The objective is to detect the 20% of claims that drive 80% of the cost of a workers’ compensation program. Ultimately the model will put Athens in a position that will allow us to more quickly take actions that will reduce claim costs for our clients in both the short and long terms.


Claim Severity
Average cost of an indemnity claim in California is now greater than $60,000.

Medical Cost + Treatment Inflation
More treatment per claim and more expensive treatments per claims.

Medical Cost
Now equates to greater than 60% of the cost of lost time claim.